What is Considered "Thraemoor"

Welcome to the Thraemoor Neighborhood!

During the late 19th and early 20th century, along a ridge about a mile north of Bear Creek was an underdeveloped piece of land; farmland, a cluster of summer cabins, and the summer home of Molly Brown. 

During most of the 19th and 20th centuries, Dr. Dewitt lived in the first major house built in the area. This house came to be known as "the Mansion" in our neighborhood. For years he farmed the land which includes the area known as Lakewood Estates (to our North). Mr.Dewitt eventually sold that land. 

The next residents of this area were the Chappell's who named their estate "Thrae" (see where we are going), they then later sold the house to the Harvey family who helped developed...you guessed it, Harvey Park. 

In the early '60s one of the residents, Pete Harrington sold 90 acres to a group of residents of the private road section of the neighborhood. The group engaged with a company to develop the property extending East to Sheridan and call this area Thraemoor. The name Thraemoor derives from a Gaelic word meaning "house on a sunny hill." 

The original plan for Thraemoor was for it to extend westward from Sheridan to about Gray Court and house single story and single-family residents. A few years later changes were happening as two-story homes were permitted in certain locations.

In 1972 the Thraemoor Homeowners Association was formed to meet and discuss issues of mutual interest. This is when the main entrance off Sheridan added the central island and the curved stone decorative walls. The group was also able to create an agreement with Alameda Water and Sanitation District for the irrigation of the neighborhood. 

This brings us up to today's day in age where the Board of Directors consists of seven to eight members who are voluntary serve on the board. The Board is responsible for the maintenance of properties and policies that will affect the residents of Thraemoor.