Type2020 Actual
Beginning Balance
 $   5,782.39
Due Collected $ 13,450.00
 $ (6,995.40)
Annual Project
 $ (3,862.51)
 $ (2,126.20)
 $ (2,245.00)
Operating Cost
 $ (1,550.17)
4th of July
 $    (324.41)
Holiday Decorations
 $ (1,550.17)
Ending Balance $      690.72

Welcome to the Thraemoor Neighborhood!

Meeting Minutes

Thraemoor 2021 Actual Financials

January 29, 2020

Members present: Cristina Beardon, Tim Wilson-Humphries, Bing Peng, Chris Nearing, Liz Castillo

Island at Sheridan entryway upkeep:  Lotus is charging $210/month for weekly mowing, weeding every other week. Tony has tried to contact Gonzalo Gonzales to ask about cleaning up Sheridan north and south of the island.  Bing is checking with his friend.  Lotus is now asking $2,000- Tony and Chris will meet with him to see if he will lower the price.

Christmas tree lighting:  $1,150 per year.

State Farm re tree: Chris is linked to their system.  Arbor Pro has been paid for the removal of the tree.  They need to remove the stump and plant a new tree.

Action Items: 

  • Website: Needs to be updated.
  • Christina proposed a $2,050 upgrade to the electrical panel at Sheridan entrance pending approval.
  • Christina and Liz asked for $500 to create a neighborhood library. 
  • Cristina will call Kathy at Atonement to set a date for the annual meeting.
  • Neighbors are concerned about the noise from Club Karma at Sheridan and Evans.  They are encouraged to call 720-913-2000 with their complaints. DPD Officer Demonico at 720-641-0937 can also be contacted. 

April 23, 2019

  • Meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by HOA President Bing Peng
  • Introductions
  • Minutes were distributed.  A motion was made and seconded to not read the minutes aloud.
  • Blanket elections
    • President- Tim Wilson-Humphries
    • Treasurer- Cristina Bearden
    • Co-Secretary- Liz Castillo
    • Treasurer Report-Val Vassil

  •          Val explained expenditures.

Real Estate Report-Ranee Sullivan

  • Renee reported on the average time houses are on the market and the highs and lows of prices. She handed out a brochure of houses for sale in Thraemoor and their prices.

Facilities Report-Chris Nearing

  • We have hired a landscaper to clean up Sheridan Blvd from Lakeridge to  Lakewood Estates,  Lakeridge Rd. from Harlan to the gated community, and to mow the island weekly at the Sheridan entrance.
  • Large tree Christmas decorating
  • One half of the lights were broken when they were taken down.  It costs $200-300 per year to replace the lights. (LED)
  • Bing installed lighting above the north Thraemoor wall.  He will install lighting on the south wall soon.
  • An arborist has fed the big tree each year.

Bing passed around a sign up sheet for people to help with the 4th of July celebration.

New President Report-Tim

  • Tim called Kevin Flynn, the councilman for SW Denver and talked with him about the area on Sheridan between Warren and Jewell, and Sheridan and Depew.   Kevin told him that there is a South Sheridan Revitalization Steering Committee who is working on upgrading the area.  There are 58 landlords in that section of land so it is very difficult to coordinate an improvement.  There is a development consultant who is working with the landlords.

New Business:

  • In addition to the annual 4th of July picnic/parade, we hope to have a Fall Event/Potluck and a Christmas Tree event, including hot chocolate and caroling.

Meeting Concluded around 8:00.